Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Film Worth Seeing

Friday, 6/15 - from Gary Franklin

I highly recommend a new film out (in LA) today: La Vie en Rose ... French ... a bio pic ... the story of Edith Piaf ... the magnificent French pop singer of the 1940's-1950's.

Fascinating life ... raised amid Paris whores and thieves ... a street singer, until dicovered by hip music hall operators ... a voice like none other in my area of understanding ... and, at the same time, a sickly druggie/drinker.

What I find kind of fascinating about this French (subtitled) film, is that it makes no mention of Piaf's life during World War II and the German occupation of France, when Piaf apparently entertained enthusiastic Nazi occupation troops. Does one forgive her for this ? ... I dunno ... but it should be remembered that many, many of her fellow French entertainers, directors and producers were stuffed - sometimes alive - into the Nazi gas ovens ... and she and her handlers must have known about that ... or did she just shrug off those folks' sudden disappearances ? And what about after the war, surely the singing ex-whore must have been told.

In any case, it's a fascinating film, one that held me spellbound ... and also wondering: why is it nowadays so impossible for Hollywood to turn out meaningful, adult-themed films and TV programs ? Is it the money-grubbing childishness of the industry ... or recognition of the general lack of sophistication and education amid the current mass audiences ?

In any case, go see La Vie en Rose, starring a magnificent Marion Gotillard ... and I know you'll vehemntly argue with me about this, but I think it's a far better film experience for very intelligent over-13 youngsters, than the awful collection of crap that's on American screens these days. Even if these bright kids don't understand everything that's going on on that screen, it will expose them to some of the world's greatest pop-singing ... as well as to useful reality. My parents took me to adult films, when I was ten and eleven ... and it helped to prepare me for the realities of life.

I know ... I kniow ... please don't send me nasty notes.

gary s franklin