Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Anyone ?

Good Morning: It's around 6:30am, 1/3 ... and I'm just beginning to learn how to use this kind of site ... so please bear with me, and the the fact that this - today's - text is mostly a test.

If you don't already know: I'm a retired radio/TV journalist and film/media critic ... once rather well-known on both coasts, during the 70's to the mid-'90's..

The film industry is in a lot of trouble. People are just not willing to shell out thirty dollars (not counting gas, parking and baby-sitter) or more, for a family of four to see a bad movie ... and people are investing heavily in large-screen home TV's.

Yesterday's Rose Parade, in Pasadena, was a rained-out disaster ... and boring on TV.

A lot of good new books being published these days ... and that's one of the things we'll talk about on this site, in the future.

More to come ... and thanks for dropping in.

Cheers, gary s franklin

PS: please lemme hear from you

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