Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympics and other observations...

Fri., 2/10 afternoon ....

I know it ain't funny, but I think it's funny: note on the sites today, that Elizabeth Vargas - the other half of the ABC evening news anchor duo - is knocked up ... and expecting in the late summer. Meanwhile - and certainly NOT funny - her partner, Woodruff, so badly hurt in the Iraq thing, is still in intensive care ... with hardly any details on his condition - present and future - leaking out. What a dilemma for ABC !
Other things:
Am I in a tiny minority ? ... but why do I find myself not giving a rat's ass about the winter Olympics in Italy ... so much stuff going on with drugs ... and all the commercialization ... and the gambling interests ... but then I've never cared much for professional sports and those guys painting up their faces in the pro football audiences. Last time I paid to get into a ballgame audience, was when I was around 12, and an uncle in the Bronx thought he could interest the German 'fugee kid in the fortunes of the New York Giants, at the Polo Grounds. I think admission price (for good seats !) at the time, was $ 1.50.
One other touchy subject:
One of the very bright people with whom I e-communicate, seems to be a bit upset with me, because I wrote in one of my short tomes, that I was raised in an environment, headed by a superb physician-father (and recognized, during the '30's, as a leading expert on venereal disease control), who worked his profession on the theory that most male homosexual activity was medically dangerous .... and this was long before AID's. (Since neither he nor I believe(d) much in psychiatry, the mental/emotional/social aspects of homosexuality, were/are far less important, than the physical dangers.). As a result, I may be losing a writing partner .... seems the fellow considers me a Neanderthal on this subject.
And I worry about any of my four grandkids (including the one female) falling victim to these people with their same-sex urges. Actually, I couldn't care less about their bed-activities ... but with Hollywood now sort of legitimizing homosexual activity in several new films, including making one a leading Oscar contender (and who knows, how many in preparation or production) ... it feels quite OK not to be in the critic-biz any more.
Touchy subject; I know.

Happy Friday.


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