Thursday, February 16, 2006


Thur., 2/16 - 3pm'ish

... Interesting medical findings announced yesterday: seems that better educated, and brighter, people don't suffer Alzheimer's so easily at below-60's (possibly because active and activity keeps the brain muscles exercised ... but there's a negative flip-side to this finding: when the condition hits a man at a more advanced age, the bad effects come faster and more powerfully.

Interesting photo news: news stories yesterday ... I think it was in Europe ... an Ansel Adams print went ... at an auction ..... for more than (if I recall correctly) $ 2-million ... a new record for a photograph.

Hey, I've got some great Gary Franklins, I'm willing to sell for a sacrifice one-million smackeroos .... maybe even for a sacrifice $ 750,000 !

Rain forecast for this part of California, next few days ... so travel plans uncertain.



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Dave said...

I was going through an old box of photos, negatives, transparencies and ran across a mailer I kept for an event in June/July 1982 in Long Beach. The event was titled "Photography Introspectives by Gary Franklin -- a Critic's Commentary on the Human Condition"

I kept it all these years because of the photograph of Danny Kaye. It's the perfect example of an excellent use of lighting in B&W portrait photography.

I immediately went to the web to see you were around and here you are.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you