Friday, November 10, 2006

Who should Be President in 2008?

1. Anyone between 35 and 60 (no higher !) ... male or female.

2. With a degree from a good university. Doesn't matter what degree, but would love to see a physician become President ... even a proctologist ... maybe, the way the world is going, ESPECIALLY a proctologist.

3. Reasonably liberal and not too tightly bound by religious restrictions. Atheists OK, too.

4. Well traveled, and in full command of at least one language, other than English.

5. Military experience is good.

6. Devoid of regional attitudes.

7. Sports experience(s) not necessary.

8. A decent, well-educated human being, with a sense of humor, who can lead America and the world through the very dangerous periods that are sure to develop over these next years.
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gary franklin

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