Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gary Franklin on TV

On YouTube I just found this clip of Gary Franklin from when he was working at KCOP-Channel 13 and reporting on the final performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Music Center. It's classic Gary including a wonderfully wry comment at the very end.

If anyone else out there has footage of Gary on video, upload them to YouTube or other online video sites, because that would be great. Especially clips of him reviewing movies using the Franklin Scale.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Logan for keeping my dad's memory alive. I just returned from New York and had to make the trek to my dad's home on 103rd and West End Avenue. It was really a sad moment remembering my dad's life and his parent's too. My dad had traditional views, but was quite mordern too. Can you imagine what he would have thought about today's technology? I have returned back to the book about him this summer, and maybe someday we will get to post it here too! Thanks again! Daryle